Neckenmarkt is situated amidst a beautiful wine-growing region - at the south side of the Ödenburger Mountains, in a syncline whose tectonic structure is hollow and abundant in water. This southern location and the influence of the Neusiedler Lake are characteristic of this micro-climate.
The northern border of the Neckenmarkt municipal area runs along the national border of Hungary. From the hilltops, one can see all the way to the villages of Hungary, the ruins at Landsee and the Neusiedler Lake.

This landscape has been shaped and formed over an extremely long period of time and by various events:
About twenty million years ago, the link between the Alps and Carpathian mountains collapsed, and the ground sank lower and lower over the course of time. At some point, seawater would reach all the way to the Vienna Basin and flooded the northern and central parts of Burgenland. The ranges of the Leitha mountains, the Ruster Hills, the Rosalia mountains and the Ödenburger mountains would once soar like islands from the shallow bottom of the sea. Lime was deposited along the coasts of these islands, while tea-green marl and marl were deposited within the sea basin.

During subsequent earth movements, the area of what is Central Burgenland today was raised again and the water receded.

The soil, now uncovered, reveals hills and terraces that consist of a rock base dating from the Tertiary period; above it, we find massive layers of gravel that are capped by layers (e.g., sandy loam). Depending on exposure and altitude, various types of cover layers have accumulated.
Loamy soil is characteristic of Central Burgenland. This is the ideal setting for the "Blaufränkisch", as it can develop with its own full body, inner harmony and elegance.
If there is more gravel, the resulting wines will be somewhat lighter, more delicate and more "playful". In the case of more loess content, wines will be fatter and richer in content.
The vineyards in Neckenmarkt have different types of cover layers, so that different locations allow for different types of wine to be vinified.

These are the main locations in Neckenmarkt:

• Bodigraben Hillside. Shale
• Himmelsthron Hillside. From little loess to loam.
• Hochberg (Grosslage) Hillside. Shale
• Sonnensteig Hillside. Sandy loam
• Spiegelberg Hillside. Shale

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