Winzerkeller Neckenmarkt wins International Cooperative Cup the second consecutive year!

For the second time the Winzerkeller succeeds by wining the International Cooperative Cup.

Initially 70 cooperatives from Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland, took place. Favourites from Switzerland and South Tyrol departed early. Togehter with the united wine growers from Blaufränkischland, Horitschon, the Winzerkeller achieved the finale and finally succeeded.
In the public finale on 24 May 2014 in the restaurant "Lamm" in Remshalden-Hebsack (Stuttgart), 10 finalists, had to offer 5 of their wines of the recent range. A jury of eight, under the direction of "Vinum" journalist Rudolf Knoll, evaluated the wines by tasting blind.

At the end the Winzerkeller won the competition again. "With our Blaufränkisch wines Himmelsthron, Terra Cognita, with two vintages of Potio Magica and the cuvée Via Romana, we convinced the jury again and achieved the highest score", operating manager and cellarer Gerald Wieder told very pleased.

In the picture: General manager Margit Wieder and operating manager Gerald Wieder

2013: The Winzerkeller wins Cooperative Cup in Germany

A mega event was taking place on Wednesday, 15 May 1013 in the restaurant "Lamm Hebsack" in Remshalden-Hebsack, in the proximity of Stuttgart: The wine magazine VINUM invited to the grand final of the first international cooperative cup. Right there the Winzerkeller was victorious, in common with the cooperative from Tramin, South Tyrol.

In the picture: cellarer Gerald Wieder and chairman Franz Heincz

"We are delighted and proud of being victorious after our first participation in this competition", chairman Ökonomierat Franz Heincz recounted.

The grand final was outstanding as it was a public event. A team of experts, constituted of oenologists, wine merchants and journalists identified the best wines, closely watched by the attentively audience. Usually these kind of events are not common; in that case the viewers, consisting mainly of "away fans" of the wine companies, were invited to participate in the dégustation, which resulted in a joyful mood within the audience.

"The wine competitors from Germany brought specialities like Riesling, Lemberger, Spätburgunder and Chardonnay with them, but finally we succeeded with our Neckenmarkter Blaufränkisch", winemaker and cellarer Gerald Wieder told.

All in all 63 wine companies from Germany, Austria and South Tyrol entered the contest. 10 companies were qualified for the final competition. Each of them presented 5 wines to the expert panel. In this qualification 5 wine companies from Württemberg and one cooperative from Baden, from Ahr, and from Franken took place. Finally the Winzerkeller and the cooperative from Tramin (South Tyrol) succeeded!

The complete awards conferred to the Winzerkeller in the past, are far too much to mention.
Following the awards of the last years are listed below.

Salon Österreichischer Wein 2013
Mittelburgenland DAC Blaufränkisch Hochberg 2011

Salon Österreichischer Wein 2012
Blaufränkisch Himmelsthron 2009
Potio Magica 2009

Salon Österreichischer Wein 2011
Blaufränkisch Himmelsthron 2008
Via Romana 2009

Landessieger 2010
Blaufränkisch Himmelsthron 2008

Landessieger 2005
Blaufränkisch Himmelsthron 2003

Salonsieger 2003
Potio Magica 2000

Salongold 2006
Blaufränkisch Himmelsthron 2004

Salonsieger 2000/2001
Cuvée "Via Romana" 1997

Salonsieger and Landessieger 1997
Cuvée "Via Romana" 1995

Salonsieger 1996
Cuvée "Via Romana" 1994

Landessieger 1991
Blaufränkisch 1990
Burgenländische Weinprämierung 1991

WINA EUROPY 2005/2006, (Polish Wine Guide)
Potio Magica 2002 (3 Herz)

Falstaff-Weinguide 2005/2006
90-92/100 Potio Magica 2003
89/100 Via Romana 2003
90/100 Blaufränkisch Himmelsthron 2003
88/100 Terra Cognita 2003 Blaufränkisch
88/100 Blaufränkisch 2003 Hochberg
87/100 Terra Cognita 2003 Zweigelt

Vinaria Weinguide 2005/2006
"The high standard of wines, on which the cooperative has been working the last years, is notable."
2004 Zweigelt Classic (1 Stern)
2004 Blaufränkisch Classic (1 Stern)
2004 Blaufränkisch Hochberg (1 Stern)
2003 Via Romana (1 Stern)
2003 Potio Magica (2 Sterne)

weinwelt (3/2005)
2002 Potio Magica (4 Sterne)
"This elegant and aromating, most delicate and animating potion would rout every Roman, drinking Barolo!"

Gault Millau Weinguide 2010
2 Trauben (16/20 Punkte), red wines

Hamburger Weinsalon, März 2003
2 Grand Prix for red wines, vintage 2000:
Cuvée Via Romana
Blaufränkisch Himmelsthron
Highy Recommanded:
Terra Cognita Zweigelt
Grand Prix d'Honneur and nomination "Red Wine of the Year"
Potio Magica

Hamburger Weinsalon, Februar 2002
4 Grand Prix for red wines, vintage 2000:
Vinis Unitis Fass 1
Vinis Unitis Fass 2
Vinis Unitis Fass 3
Terra Cognita Zweigelt

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