What is the use of having a great grape material without the knowledge of wine cultivation? What is the good of a modern technology of wine making, if no one is able to implement it correctly? Who should buy the wines, if the range of products has never been communicated to the customers? How should a cooperative operate, if it is not managed professionally?

Without the soft skills and the diligence of its employees, the organisation of Neckenmarkt Wineries would never have achieved this exceedingly success. Despite the fact that all the members of the leadership normally do not want to be in the public eye, they are requested to appear before the curtain - even concerning the jubilee of the Neckenmarkt Wineries.

The president Franz Heincz is the founder´s son and head of the organisation since 1988. His interesting philosophy concerning the leadership of the cooperative can be read in the epilogue.

Since 2002 Margit Wieder had been responsible for the marketing and sales departement. She attended to business in a very competend and professional way. In September 2013
Margit Wieder took over the management of the Winzerkeller Neckenmarkt.
Email address: margit.wieder@neckenmarkt.at

Operating Manager Gerald Wieder
has applied the main responsibility for the wine cellar and the vinification.
For more than 20 years he is doing an excellent and valuable job in vinifying the best grape material. The wine type "Blaufränkisch" is lying at his heart. So he is working successfully on a gentle vinification to bring out a wine close to nature with an extraordinary characteristic, typical for the region.

Email address: gerald.wieder@neckenmarkt.at

Since March 2014 the newcomer Dietmar Hasler is concerned with the wine-selling and the customer contact. Dietmar Hasler has collected experience in gastronomy and in the wine sector for over 20 years.
Email address: dietmar.hasler@neckenmarkt.at

This people above mentioned are responsible for the company´s proper working - in a way they configure the "backbone" of the Neckenmarkt Wineries. Besides the board of directors and the executive board are responsible for organisational strategy, financial investments, personnel decisions, the controlling and the company´s communication.

Begining on the left side of the picture: Dietmar Hasler, Manager Margit Wieder, President Franz Heincz, Operating Manager and Winemaker Gerald Wieder

The board of directors consists of:
Chairman Erwin Ecker,
Vice Chairman Stefan Wieder jun.,
Ing. Gerald Badisch,
Gabriela Hahn,
Christian Patronovits.

Executive board:
Chairman Franz Heincz,
Vice Chairman Gerhard Iby,
Emmerich Ecker,
Thomas Klausz,
Josef Krall,
Hannes Scheu,
Gerald Wieder,
Margit Wieder.

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